A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s information system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. A thorough audit typically assesses the security of the system’s physical configuration and environment, software, information handling processes, and user practices.

Part of our security audits are:

  • Social engineering
  • USB drops
  • Password exfiltration and credential dumping
  • Wireless Engagements (ddos, jamming, evil twin, MITM, handshake capturing, …)
  • Physical Security (key card, keys, locks, key fobs …)
  • Nmap scans
  • OpenVas or Nessus scans
  • Documentation

Our equipment covers the whole Hak5 hardware (bash bunny, pineapple, packet squirrel, lanturtle, rubber ducky) , Proxmark 3, Hackrf One + Portapack, Keyfob copy device, kali linux and lock picks.