cross section of Mur; combined topographic and bathymetric LIDAR
Excerpt from the aerial surveying of the river Mur: The above image is a cross-section through the river of the combined classified point cloud. Point representation: blue (water), orange (ground) and green (vegetation). The deepest point at this cross-section is approx. 1.45m.

As a new start-up company in the aerial surveying & mapping community, Kabelik GmbH successfully delivered its first project on 05 January 2020. Kabelik was commissioned last year to fly above three river sections in different parts of Austria. The aim of the aerial surveying project was to survey the riverbed of specific high interest river sections.

The project consisted of flying two days using a combination of topographic LIDAR, a bathymetric LIDAR, and a digital camera. Using this package of sensors ensure the best accuracy for collecting the best data regarding the surrounding terrain and the riverbed under the water.

To acquire this data, the aircrew (Aerial Survey Pilot & Airborne Sensor Operator) flew approximately 400m above ground level (AGL) and could collect 8 points per m² per laser scanner as well as 8cm GSD orthophotos. With this, it was possible to measure a dense point cloud of the riverbed up to 1.5m depth underwater.

With the conclusion of data collection operations, the team at Kabelik was able to turn-around the data in two weeks, which included DTM, DSM, orthophoto and classified/colored point cloud information.